Tricks In Facebook Chat

Tricks In Facebook Chat

Use Facebook Profile Images In Chat

>> Type [[username]]

Instead of username type the username of the profile you want to use image of.

Example: if you type [[nepali.coders]] profile picture of our page will be shown.


Use Graphical Alphabets In Facebook Chat

>> These are the lists of codes for alphabets from A-Z

Alphabet Code
A [[107015582669715]]
B [[116067591741123]]
C [[115602405121532]]
D [[112542438763744]]
E [[115430438474268]]
F [[109225112442557]]
G [[111532845537326]]
H [[111356865552629]]
I [[109294689102123]]
J [[126362660720793]]
K [[116651741681944]]
L [[115807951764667]]
M [[106596672714242]]
N [[108634132504932]]
O [[116564658357124]]
P [[111669128857397]]
Q [[107061805996548]]
R [[106699962703083]]
S [[115927268419031]]
T [[112669162092780]]
U [[108983579135532]]
V [[107023745999320]]
W [[106678406038354]]
X [[116740548336581]]
Y [[112416755444217]]
Z [[165724910215]]

Example: If you want to use word HI then,

Copy code for H i.e. [[111356865552629]] and Copy code for I i.e. [[109294689102123]].

This will create a graphical icon of HI. Try with different words you like.

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