Create Folder That Cannot Be Deleted Or Renamed

Create Folder That Cannot Be Deleted Or Renamed

Hello friends, in this tutorial we are going to see how to create folder in windows that can neither be deleted nor be renamed. Many people don’t know that it is possible to create such folder in Windows. And the cool thing about this trick is you don’t even need to use any software for this purpose.

In windows there are reserved words like con, aux, lpt1 to lpt9. These are the words that you can’t use to create a folder in Windows. So, in this trick we are going to create folder based on these names so that it can’t be deleted as well as can’t be renamed too. The thing that we need to create folder with any of the names mentioned above we have to use command prompt.

Now, let’s follow the steps mentioned below to create a folder that can’t be deleted or renamed:
Step 1: Go to start type “cmd” and press Enter to open the Command Prompt.
Step 2: Once you open the command prompt go to drive or folder where you want to create this special type of folder. (Eg: You can go to root of the drive by typing D: and pressing Enter for D drive or C: and pressing Enter for C drive).
Step 3: Type “md con\” (without inverted comma) to create a directory named “con” in the location you are currently now. (This directory named “con” can now neither be deleted nor be renamed from the Windows, if you try to do show it will display error message. You can also use any other name instead of “con” to create folder with different names like “aux” or “lpt1″ to “lpt9″).
Step 4: Now you can navigate to the location where you created that folder to see and try to delete or rename it, where you will get an error message from the Windows.

As it is not possible to delete this folder manually from the Windows, you have to follow different procedure to delete it. Follow to the steps mentioned below to delete this special folder:
Step 1: Open Command Prompt as you opened previously.
Step 2: Navigate to the location where you created that special type of folder.
Step 3: Now type this command “rd con\” (without inverted comma) to remove that folder. (First of all you need to make that folder empty to remove it, which you can do from the Windows itself).
Step 4: Now go to the location where you created that folder, you won’t find it as it is deleted.

Thank you, hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any problem or feedback on this tutorial please be free to comment us below or message us. Thank you!!!

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